OCP for Mock Drill of Onsite Emergency Plan


To identify and take appropriate control measures to handle the Accident and Emergency Situations.


This Work Instruction is applicable for any sort of accident & emergency situations emerges in the premises of XXX.


HOD Safety and concerned personnel are responsible for the implementation of the work instruction.


Incidents in the Following area are identified as the most potential emergency situations that can occur in our company.

Fire in

  • FO Storage tank
  • Welding stations
  • Surrounding Premises
  • DG Set
  • Transformer etc.
  • Oil Storage area
  • Laboratory

Plant Area including DG set / FO, Hydraulic oil Storage / Oil Storage

The person, who notices the fire will shout ‘Fire, ‘Fire’ and ask for help and immediately informs the concerned person (*).   The concerned person will start whistling to inform:

  1. Trained fire-fighters to attend to the affected area
  2. Evacuating the other personnel to the identified safe place.
  • The concerned HOD will ensure that nobody is trapped in the emergency area. The attempts will be made to evacuate the trapped person if any, using the safe way out. The HOD- Concerned department will take charge of the overall situation.
  • All the remaining employees will gather at the safe place outside.
  • the Concerned HOD or designate informs MD about the situation. the Concerned HOD also keeps him posted time to time about the situation.
  • If the situation is out of control the HOD, where the event has happened will contact the local fire brigade.
  • The injured person if any, will be given first aid and moved to the nearest identified hospital.
  • The incident is recorded in the Register for Accidents and Emergency Situations by the Concerned HOD and analyzes it further.


  • The person who is nearest to the injured person will call for help and arrange for first aid.
  • The injured person will be taken to the nearest first aid box in case it is possible or first aid is provided on the spot by trained person available.
  • the Concerned HOD and MD is informed simultaneously by HOD HRD or designate.
  • Considering the severity of the injury, the injured person is shifted to the nearest hospital for further treatment. HOD HRD and/or concerned department in charge makes the required arrangement.
  • The incident is recorded in the Register for Accidents and Emergency situations by HOD HRD for further analysis. HOD HRD records the accident as required.
  • In case of an earthquake, all employees will immediately run out of building in a safe area.
Sr. No  The parameter to be Monitored  Specification Frequency of Monitoring Method of monitoring Resp. Record
1 Mock Drill. No laps during Mock Drill After every Mock Drill.Accident & emergency record As per Mock Drill record. HOD HRD Revision in On-Site Emergency Plan
2 Review of Onsite Emergency Plan. Effective Emergency Plan. After every accident & emergency situation Accident & emergency Record. HOD HRD Accident & emergency record

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