OCP for Storage and Disposal of Metallic Waste and Garbage


a) To store metallic chip/waste and garbage received from factory premises.
b) To dispose of the waste safely.
c) To store and dispose of lead-acid batteries.

2. SCOPE: Scrapyard

3. RESPONSIBILITY: In charge Stores / Sr.Officer HRD


01 Communicate the guideline to service contractor to follow environment-friendly practices. In charge Stores
02 Provide adequate material handling equipment to the contractor. Sr. Officer-Admin
03 Impart training of environment-friendly practices to housekeeping operator. Sr.officer Admin / Housekeeping contractor
04 a) Collection of chips/waste/ garbage from various locations by using the trolley.
b) Ensure that there is no spillage of chips/oil/ garbage during collection and transportation.
c) Ensure that trolley does not get overflow because of excess collection.
d) Ensure that good quality material is not present in collected material (scrap).
Housekeeping operator
05 Transport the metallic chips/garbage to scrap yard. During transportation ensure that there is no leakage of chips from the trolley. Avoid land contamination. Housekeeping operator
06 Communicate guideline on environment-friendly practices to the transporter. In charge Stores
07 Invite/inform the contractor for collection of metallic waste/garbage. In charge Stores
08 At the time of loading of metallic chips/garbage into the truck, avoid spillage. Transport contractor / Security guard
09 Supervise the collection activity and report the weight of the vehicle (metallic waste collected) to the Materials department. Security guard
10 Store the scrapped lead-acid batteries on the wooden platform in the scrap yard. Housekeeping operator
11 At the time of procurement of new batteries, handover the batteries to dealer/subcontractor and get the replacement against the old batteries. In charge Stores


In case of any deviation in the above activity, In charge Materials shall initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.


• Guideline for contractors.

 7. Related Records

Name of record Indexing On Retention Period Maintained by
Records of metallic waste generated/ sold in a month Date 3 years In charge Stores
Records of garbage   generated/sold in a month Date 3 years In charge Stores

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