OCP for Segregation, Handling, and Disposal of Solid Waste


To identify, storage, handling, segregation, and disposal methods of all types of waste.


This work instruction is applicable to non-hazardous wastes generated at all process, activities, and services at KFL


HOD HRD / ADMIN will ensure that contractors and scrap vendors practice these work instructions.


  1. Wastes generated from different operations are stored either in plastic drums, gunny bags or any other identified bins at the waste generation points.
  2. The waste collected at various points as described above are shifted to scrap yard / identified the place, either manually or with the help of trolley/forklift truck.
  3. Ensure that there is no spillage of scrap/waste during collecting and shifting of scrap/waste to the scrap yard.
  4. The waste/scrap generated at various points, method of storage, handling and disposal along with personnel responsible are as detailed below:
1. Empty barrels, Use spare parts and used PPE’s Stored in the scrap yard Manual Disposed to the scrap vendor HOD-SAFETY/HOD -PUR
2. Waste paper, cotton waste,  hand gloves Stored in the scrap yard Manual Disposed to the scrap vendor HOD PRD & HOD PUR
3. Wooden & plastic packing waste Stored in the scrap yard Manual Disposed to the scrap vendor HOD PUR
4. Polythene bags, plastic waste, boxes Stored in the scrap yard Manual Disposed to the scrap vendor HOD PUR
  1. Concerned department in charges will ensure on a daily basis there is no mix up of scrap/waste during collection & storage. In case of such mix-up, he will arrange for segregation. He also should ensure that while handling any type of scrap there should not be any spillover on the ground.


a) Arrange to record the weight of the empty truck.
b) Allow the truck to scrap area and supervise the loading of the scrap material
c) Ensure that no other scrap material other than the scrap is loaded on to the truck.
d) Record all relevant details of scrap & inform accordingly to Accounts Dept.
e) While loading the scrap, contractual personnel should take safety measures such as – should wear hand gloves.


Sr.No The parameter to be Monitored Spec. Freq. of monitoring Method of monitoring Responsibility Record
1 Mix up the various waste No mix-ups. Daily Visual check & display boards. HOD HRD No Record
2 Quantity of scrap disposed of.  – While disposing   – HOD HRD. Invoice
  1. RECORD REF.: Report / Invoice on waste/scrap sold

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