OCP for Security Activities

1. PURPOSE: – To monitor security activity.

2. SCOPE: – All factory premises.

3. RESPONSIBILITY: – HOD HRD / Assistant manager HRD


01 Communicate the guidelines for Environment-friendly practices to Security contractor. HOD Admin
02 Impart necessary training to security Employees. HOD Admin
03 Security Guard shall ensure following entries
– Inward and outward entries of material
– The entry of proper employees
– The entry of vehicle with proper document
Subcontractors’ operator
04 Security will issue Gate pass to all Visitor Security guard
05 Security will maintain discipline in the company. Security guard
06 Security will check to service of Fire extinguisher and get it done on the proper schedule. Check sand buckets and waters bucket. Maintain records of servicing of fire extinguisher. Security supervisor
07 Safety Officer will maintain the register of external communication of Environment policy. Safety Officer
08 The security supervisor will be reporting on Fire, Accident, Theft, etc to HOD HRD. Security supervisor
09 In all three shift, Security personnel shall be alert at the allotted point. Security Guard


In case of any deviation in the above activity, HOD Admin shall initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.


• Daily shift report
• Fire extinguisher servicing record
• Visitors gate entry register
• Material inward and outward register

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