OCP for Operation and Maintenance of ETP and STP


To provide the guideline for operation & maintenance of the ETP and STP.


This WI is applicable for ETP and STP

  1. Daily treatment process
  2. For disposal of sludge.


Safety Officer is responsible for the implementation of this WI.



  1. Use the chemicals properly.
  2. Assure the exact pH of effluent.
  3. Assure proper working of Aerator, if the aerator is not working properly the abnormality of so should be informed to the maintenance department.
  4. Assure that there is no spillover from the Tanks as well as from the outlet.
  5. Assure that outlet of ETP and STP should be disposing of properly into the garden.
  6. Assure that the filter of STP is replaced periodically.
  7. Assure that the periodic cleaning of tanks is taken place.


The whole Effluent and sewage generation is the primer activity the area is divided into following groups for ease of operation and maintenance

  1. Total water consumption
  2. Total sewage generation
  3. Total sewage treated
  4. Total effluent generation
  5. Total effluent treated
  6. Handling and disposal of sludge
  7. Disposal of water coming from ETP and STP Outlet.

Safety officer keeps a record of these readings on a daily basis.


Daily readings are reviewed & if found abnormal, then immediate corrective actions are taken by Safety Officer. After reviewing collected data, Safety Officer analyses Sewage and effluent generation on a monthly basis. Abnormal trends are further analyzed for corrective actions & control measures suitable to the area.


ETP and STP functioning is controlled by the following methods –

  • Awareness training amongst the operators.
  • By brainstorming in the user groups for water consumption
  • By promoting different ideas from employees regarding water conservation
  • Display boards like “Save water”, “Don’t waste water”. ,” Water is life! Save water, save a life!” “Save water secure the future! “Conserve water, our life’s on the brink!” “Save water it will save you later!” “Wastewater today – Live in desert tomorrow”.
  • Daily Monitoring of effluent and sewage generation by all Plants.


New water consumption levels are assessed by the Safety Officer and the results are compared with targets. The successful solutions are continued whereas for unsatisfactory solutions are reviewed for improvements. The samples of ETP and STP water is also been tested by the external agency once in a month for checking the efficient and proper working of the plants.


Sr.NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq.Of monitoringMethod of monitoringResp.Record
1Review of Consumption at Resource.Consent conditions for daily water consumption and sewage and effluent generation Monthly Daily Consumption Record.
Daily sewage generation record
Daily effluent generation record
 Safety Officer. Review Record.
2Review for efficient working of ETP and STPConsent conditions for ETP and STP Water discharge specificationsMonthlyReports from External agencyHOD HRReview reports


  • Water consumption records in various areas.
  • Effluent and Sewage record from all areas.
  • Periodic Reports from external agencies.

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