OCP for Use of Pesticide in Canteen and Other Areas


a) To ensure effective control over the handling and use of pesticide in canteen / other areas.
b) To define guidelines for the safe handling of pesticides.
2. SCOPE: – Canteen / other areas.
3. RESPONSIBILITY: – HOD Admin / Canteen contractor


01 Communicate the guidelines for Environment-friendly practices to canteen contractor. HOD Admin
02 Directions for use:
Once in Fifteen days, spray the pesticide in the canteen to maintain the hygienic condition.
The areas covered are
a) Dining Area
b) Shelf
c) Area behind canteen
d) Wash basins of kitchen
e) Roof
Do not over-spray the pesticide.
Subcontractors’ operator
03 After the spray, the area shall be cleaned with hot water and detergent powder. Canteen / Housekeeping operator
04 Wash the area with cold water and detergent. Canteen / Housekeeping operator
05 Rinse the domestic utensils in the cold water and detergent for contamination of spray if any. Canteen operator
06 After cleaning the area with detergent mixed water, spray the plain water and wash the area properly. Canteen / Housekeeping operator
07 Ensure the discharge of water to the domestic sewage line. Sr.Officer Admin
08 Safety instructions:
a) CAUTION: Pesticide is harmful to human beings, animals and wildlife.
b) Symptoms of poisoning: Headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
• If swallowed – Induce vomiting by giving a tablespoon of salt in warm water.
• Wash the contaminated clothes/skin with soap and plenty of water.
• If chemical enters eyes, flush with water for five minutes or contact physician immediately.
Canteen contractor/ Sr.Officer Admin
B) Use of Rat Control
01 Put the Rat Control into trays for controlling the rats. The frequency of addition shall be on a fortnightly basis. Subcontractor
02 Details of the Rat Control used:
It is a new single dose of anticoagulant rodenticide. It controls field rats when consumed by causing hammerage in the blood system.
It induces delayed action ensuring kill in 4-5 days. Place the bait near the burrows or at places frequented by rodents.
03 Safety instructions:
Poisoning symptoms: Back pain, abdominal pain, vomiting and nose bleeding are the prolonged durational effects.
a) If the skin is affected, wash with soap and plenty of water
b) If eyes are contaminated, flush with clean water
c) If swallowed, induce vomiting.
Sr.Officer HRD / Concerned Section In charge
04 Maintain the list of locations where Rat Control trays are used. Sr.Officer Admin
05 Ensure that no pesticide is disposed of on the company premises. Monitor the process of replacement of ROBIN pesticide. Subcontractor / Sr.Officer Admin


In case of any deviation in the above activity, Sr.Officer Admin shall initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.

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